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Rock Concert Posters by Chelsey Curtin

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i drew glo aka cozyqueen

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Me in different angles

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Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico ~ Source
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My Daily Hair Routine.

Watch it here or continue reading or both!

  • Consists of using my V05 Island Coconut Moisturizing Conditioner in the shower, 
  • Starting off with hot/warm water to open up my 4C HAIR which is of Low Porosity- water cant get in easily. Apply the conditioner, rinse out and seal with cold water. This helps retain moisture.
  • I squeeze out excess water with my hands,
  • then using the LOC method to apply my products - Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil, Indian Hemp, Jojoba Oil or Blue Magic Organics Castor Oil. 
  • I usually/always go for Jojoba oil + Indian Hemp or Castor Oil + Indian Hemp. Usually 1/2 oils and a cream. Its really just random selection.
  • I have noticed Indian Hemp helps my hair grow, even when I had relaxed hair, so I love it. Jojoba/ Castor Oil really helps me combat dryness.
  • I use a Shower Cap while in the shower, to protect my hair after applying products, from the water. Also, the steam from my shower helps as a steaming method for my hair which is great.
  • African Pride Shea Butter Moisture Intense Leave-In-Conditioner , finished so I have not use any leave-in for months and my hair is fine.
  • I do all this in the shower, as applying products outside the shower is messy and annoying- water flying everywhere isnt cool.
  • Wide Tooth Comb helps to fluff out my roots. I just poke it in and out of my hair. I dont comb all the way out to prevent breakage etc. I have stopped using combs in my hair routine, for longer healthier hair. I only fingercomb/detangle.
  • I let my hair air dry and if I need to, I use a t-shirt to soak up any excess dripping water.
  • Spray Bottle doesnt work for me anymore. My hair is fuller and longer now. So on days when I dont condition, drench my hair in warm water, then seal with cold water. Then squeeze out excess water then apply products and let air dry.
  • I wash every 2 days or 1 day. Depends on my hair and how it feels.
  • At night, I use a silk/satin scarf to help retain moisture in my hair.
  • I made a hair routine timetable to help remind me of what to do to my hair and maintain it.

About the spray bottle method - x

My old hair routine - x

Thanks for reading.

God bless.

Have a lovely day.




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Oceaniques Villas by MM++ Architects | WAV
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Need some resin with your #cuvee thanks to #galacticgardens for the great run on this strain #subcool #tgagenetics #theweednerds #weednerdnation by tgasubcoolseeds


Need some resin with your #cuvee thanks to #galacticgardens for the great run on this strain #subcool #tgagenetics #theweednerds #weednerdnation by tgasubcoolseeds

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